Why a slowdown could cause a speed-up in your success

Sometimes changing your rhythm can be of help in creating success.  This is as true practically as romantically as professionally.  Just ask any expert!

Over the next two months, you are going to see fewer posts on BecomingGlobal, as I gear up for the publication of my book, DISRUPT YOUR CAREER – how to navigate uncharted career transitions and thrive.

I do this for the sake of my sanity, first and foremost, and quite selfishly, but, I think it can help you too!

Firstly, if you are currently about to start a new school year, you need time to work on that.  If you are just starting on your job search, you need space to think about that.  And both time and space come for new ideas when you give yourself physically more space.



So, as a starter, here is an article about the new book, that was recently published on INSEAD Knowledge.  I hope you enjoy it.

See you in a few days’ time for more on careers.

Meantime, if you wish to sign up for specific information on this book, you can do so here