What to do if your Netflix connection is down…

If you cannot watch that latest episode of Breaking Bad or Big Bang Theory, what are you going to do?

Of course, you could channel hop aimlessly through Netflix or any other TV or streaming app. That is what the average young person would do…

But do you want to be average, and join the masses who do not make it through the statistics to the top?

Obviously, you deserve some restful downtime, we all do.  I am as happy as you are to collapse in front of a series or movie after a long hard day.

But, is Breaking Bad going to be the best thing for you to be consuming? Is it teaching you the kind of life lessons you would really need as a future leader?

What alternatives might be good for your future?

Reading – obviously, not as immediately exciting as a fast-moving TV series, but how wonderful might it be to get lost in the pages of a classic, like To Kill a Mockingbird, or Wuthering Heights?  You may think, yeah, yeah, I had to read that in middle school, but nothing beats a return to these time-tested tomes when you are a bit older and more mature.  Not to mention that if you are going to work in Anglo-Saxon countries, you are going to need to have these as conversational points of reference, like it or not!

Online Course – platforms like Coursera are amazingly rich in content, and the courses are free! I just signed myself and my sixteen year old son up for a course on the Blockchain, so that we can better understand the Bitcoin, and maybe make millions in the coming years!  Take a look and see what might spark your interest.  Remember, it does not have to be super academic, but finding a new passion and learning about it is so much fun!

Paint, colour, sing, play an instrument, draw, write or dream.  Studies show that any creative activity will be developing more neurones for you to use and enjoy in future.  Let it flow!

Watch TED and other educational channels.  I can guarantee that some of these talks truly ARE as exciting as Breaking Bad!  Take a look at this one, for example

And when Netflix comes back on, then, go ahead and enjoy that BB episode, but come back to the other stuff too, and you will create the kind of balance that your future professors and employers will be hoping for!

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