what makes great customer service? and why is this important to you?

Whatever career you end up in, you will have clients of some kind. They may be consumers, if you work in a company that makes chocolate, or they may be other businesses, if you work in a company that sells services. Indeed your clients might be internal if you are working in HR, Operations or IT. But we all need to consider how we can do our best for that client, if we want to have a job next year still!

What does great service look like to you?  In Japan, the salesperson will tend to kneel down in front of you out of respect.  In the US, hamburgers are delivered in less than two minutes, with a guarantee of not paying if this is not achieved. In some of France’s most luxurious fashion boutiques, the sometimes unsmiling “discreet” service does not suit everybody.

It is a matter of taste, but this is no reason for ignoring other people’s taste!

Indeed, it is crucial to try to understand the needs and tastes of whomever you are serving. If you fail to do this, you will eventually lose their business to someone who takes more trouble than you to do so.

Is this important to you in your search for an international career? You bet it is! Because if you have not already found a holiday or part-time job in which you are learning how to give good service, then it is time you did. And if you have experience of the world of work, then you will have great stories to tell your college or graduate job recruiter.

Tell me more about what you have experienced!  Write to me and give me the lowdown on how you rated the service at different stores and places you have been. I read every answer!

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