What do you do when things close down?

I did a lot of biking round town today – rushing around before going away on a trip to visit friends tomorrow.  I noticed that, since we have had the 14th of July festival, the city has emptied.  Usually French cities are pretty deserted from mid July to mid August, with only the crazy tourists who enjoy walking the streets in 40 degree heat left!  Today was no exception.  Look at this photo of a main shopping street:

Since things have calmed down on all fronts, I have been taking the opportunity to do some things differently.  Taking the time to take care of stuff that gets neglected the rest of the time.  For example, yesterday, I gave myself a really good manicure, rather than the hurried thing I usually do to keep my nails clean and polished!  I spent two separate  hours reading books that I really learnt a lot from.  One about nutrition, one about marketing.

It feels really energising to be doing new and stimulating stuff, and getting a bit more sleep than usual.  Also, the time to relax, meditate and cogitate is really precious! I wonder what new ideas will come up during this time?  Many and varied, I hope!

When things quieten down around you, what do you do?

Look forward to a forthcoming issue of BecomingGlobal for an article on how to maximise the down time by doing new things.  The advantage that you can build in this way can be enormous!