What are you doing this summer? And how much will it count?

What you do in your major vacation time is super important.  It shapes who you are.  What you learn builds your skills and outlook.  What you discover about yourself shapes your character.

All employers will be looking for signs that you have stretched yourself beyond your academic experience, however brilliant that may be.  This is something that many teachers, and even parents, neglect to tell you, as they push you to do ever better in your algebra, philosophy or data analysis…

So, what are you doing this summer?  Please let me know in the comments, or by writing an email back!  I read every one!

Are you…

  • going home to visit family?
  • putting on a backpack and going to explore a new place?
  • going on a luxury tour with a guide and other people like you?
  • going to work part time in your home town?
  • going to do an internship in a large city?
  • going to volunteer somewhere you have carefully chosen?
  • going to learn a new skill?
  • going to sit in your bedroom, looking at Instagram?

Or what else?

Next month’s BecomingGlobal will have an article devoted to helping you make better choices about how you develop yourself during holiday time, including some links to great places to get that done.