Values – if you can’t express them, you won’t get a job!

Many candidates for graduate jobs believe that if they can answer all the competency and motivation questions properly (having practiced and practiced, according to the research they did!), they will pass their job interview… WRONG!

Companies are looking for more than parrots, who can recite stuff they have learned and polished, based on their diligent research.  That was something you learned to do when you were 10 or 11, and they kind of assume you already have that.

No, they are also looking for you to have an opinion, some values and a way to express those that show you are the unique, precious, gem that they are looking for.

Over the years, many of my clients in this situation have said to me “but I don’t really know what I believe in, or how I feel about X or Y”.  Well, it is time to start working on this, however painful.  BUT, it can also be a lot of fun.

What ARE your values? What do you think about the big stuff: why are we here? is there a god? do we all exist to succeed?  And what about the smaller stuff: do you love people’s company or are you more of a solitude-driven person how about precision or punctuality? do you really like that same dish you have been ordering in restaurants with your friends, or would you love to try something completely different?  These are ALL values that you can think about and shape to fit your own heart, brain and soul.

I recently found this list of 400 values, which might help you to find some that “resonate” with you.  Have a think and see what comes up.  There is also a link in this to a great article on “living your values”.

I hope you enjoy the trip!  If you don’t take it, you won’t truly have lived!

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