the beauty of imperfection

Japanese handicrafts are highly reputed the world over. My personal favourite of all that is made by the masters artisans is the wabi sabi pottery. The words are difficult to translate, but mean, more or less, “beauty in imperfection”.

I find this idea really useful when dealing with failure. And if you are about to start a job search, or applications to university overseas, you are going to be dealing with a LOT of failure!


Or, is it?  Is it really failure to try something? To give it your all, and yet not to win the prize? I do not think it is. There is true beauty in the not winning, in the attempt, and these stunning pots remind us of that.

What kind of beauty can you find in your last failure?  And how will you tell the story of that disappointment in a future interview? Indeed, how will you learn from it and enrich your brain, heart and soul with this experience?


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