The art of persistence… and how it is linked to KAWAII…

The Japanese economy may not be what it once was, but the allure of intricate arts and crafts in this enigmatic country has shown no signs of slowing down. The respect shown to the artisans, who train for long years so as to be able to create the sushi, the textiles, pottery and more that we can admire in craft shops (and restaurants!) the world over, knows no limits in Japan.

Take a look at this video of the incredible creations of one such artisan:

Sushi chefs train for 10 years, and Haruki Nakamura takes months on end to create a new penguin bomb or wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Do you have what it takes to persist this much? How would your world look if you persisted a little more?

If these cute, astonishing “kawaii” little creatures inspire you, then take that inspiration and run with it!  You may just reach your goals more enjoyably, and more successfully.

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