Testing, testing…

I took the car for its biannual technical test today. While I was waiting for the results, in the hopes that there would not be too much to fix, I started thinking about tests.

One aspect of your recruitment, whether this be for a first job or something later, is likely to be some aspect of testing. Indeed you may even find that some universities are recruiting using online tests. The world is getting more and more digital, as you know, and this means that many tests are used online and even in virtual reality, whereas in the past the same skills would’ve been tested and probed by a human being.

Many people assume that because they’re smart, or because they’ve been successful in interviews before, that they don’t need to do much practice for these tests. Indeed some tests are based more on psychological profile, and cannot and should not be prepared for. However others are certainly likely to be improved by adequate practice beforehand.

If you haven’t already started practicing, you probably should, as it is a great shame to be rejected at first stage, due to test failure. This is even more important if English is not your first language, as even numerical reasoning tests can become difficult if you’re not completely confident in having understood the language of the question.

Applications start opening up in late August and early September for the UK, the US and even many other countries. Don’t get caught short!

If you want to know the best websites on which to practice, get in touch and I will tell you!
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