Taking a moment to gain a lifetime

If you are living anywhere in western Europe, then you are probably having a love-hate relationship with the weather just now. The unusually early heat is a surprise to most of us, and brings positives and negatives. Here in Toulouse, it has been between 36 and 39 degrees every day for over a week now.

So, when I got up early this morning, and found that the sky was a clear blue, and sun sparkling, but the temperature still relatively fresh, I felt a delight and pleasure at how comfortable it was, after several days of, frankly, wanting to die between noon and six! I did my various morning getting up things and then rushed to the kitchen, to “get my breakfast done with quickly”, before getting on with important stuff.

And that was my mistake!

I rushed…

I made my coffee (bulletproof, by the way; we can talk about that another time!), and scurried over to my desk, to deal with today’s task load. I am sitting here now, with the empty mug just finished.

What was my mistake?

NOT taking the five minutes to savour the coffee on the terrace!

What a missed opportunity that was, to sit in the shade, surrounded by the leafy plants, many of which provide our daily goodness – basil, rocket, chives, and even some strawberries.  It is such a calm place in the midst of the chaos of the city, and I just rushed to my desk!

Taking five minutes to recharge is important.  We all need it, and should not deny ourselves the pleasure.  Focusing on the moment, the beauty, the bounty and the gratitude that those engender is amazingly productive, and creates a sense of wellbeing that lasts a whole day, and, arguably, if you do it long enough, a whole lifetime!  We can go into the science of that another time, but there is scientific evidence of this, too!

For now – ask yourself what you could to today to create some gratitude and pleasure, however busy your schedule.  I am going to be doing an awful lot of different things today, but the first, after finishing this post?  I am going to have five minutes on the terrace!

Have a great day!  And, if you want more tips on how to work towards a healthy, happy life, full of success and satisfaction, then sign up for free daily message from BecomingGlobal.