Spread the word, and get a free coaching session!

When BecomingGlobal launches, in only a few days’ time, my aim will be very clearly to spread the word of this powerful newsletter FAR AND WIDE!

Any or all of you can help me with this.  You know at least something about my talents, and my passion for ensuring that everybody gets the best education and career FOR THEM!

If you are able to help me, by passing on emails or links, or indeed by shouting my name from the rooftops, I will pass on my gratitude by offering you a free coaching session, to tackle whatever your biggest current problem is.  You will become eligible for this opportunity the moment one of your contacts has signed up for an annual subscription!

Please let me know by email/message what you think of this offer, and also the names of those  you have referred.  I am keeping this campaign deliberately NOT automated, as it is important to me that we communicate directly.  The world is a nicer place when we talk to each other, and not just via digital links!

On launch, once there are links to sign up and subscribe, I will remind you of this offer, but for now, please start planning whom you would like to share this BecomingGlobal knowledge with…  any person from 17-23, studying or working overseas is going to find value here!  Let’s change the world of work together!