Sometimes, you just need a substitute for a FIDDLE SPINNER!

What state do you intend to be in at the end of the upcoming recruitment season?  And after your final exams?

The demands on you are huge!

Many of you will be feeling increasingly desperate, as you try to figure out where that elusive company with the perfect job for you has been all this time!

You may well have resorted to being nervous all the time, playing with the ubiquitous fiddle spinners, telling yourself it is all the rage, and definitely what you need to calm your spirits…

Sound like you?

What you probably need to do is take a deep breath and slow down.

Hard to imagine, when you are supposed to be in the labs, or writing a dissertation, scouring the graduate job ads or booking a flight home…

But, you will find that even the time of a short stroll through a nearby green space, or of a swim at the local pool will empty your head, and make a bit more space for making sense of it all!

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See you soon, without your fiddle spinners!