Setting Good Habits – Planning 101!

I am constantly amazed at how many of my young clients come to me with no system of planning and allocating resources properly.  Really!  Average age?  22…  And yet they still have no idea how they are going to get that dissertation done before the deadline, nor how to ensure the reading is done for the lecture next Tuesday.

There are no great mysteries to this, truly…

You just need to plan, using a method that suits you.  Here is mine!

This is a picture of my calendar.  The details need not matter to you, but they matter to me, a LOT!  And they enable me to see, every evening and every morning, as well as every Sunday night, what is awaiting me today, tomorrow and next week.  This helps me to be ready for anything, and also to be spontaneous if I can!

I love to be able to invite friends I met in the street half an hour ago to come and have a drink on our terrace, knowing that I have the time to spare, because I have planned the rest of the time so well.  Whatever YOUR excitement is in life, the things that YOU love to be spontaneous about – would it not be wonderful to be able to fit them in because you had already achieved, or knew how you were going to achieve, all your objectives?

Personally, I use colour codes for all the different types of work and leisure activities I am involved in, and can isolate any one of them to see a future timeline.  I can also bill clients easily, and do whatever else is necessary to run a simple, well-planned life.  I link all my different email addresses to the calendar, so I can send and receive invitations direct, and this keeps things transparent and manageable.

You do not have to do the same as me, but I strongly recommend that you plan in a way that gives similar results.  Planning and timetabling is just one aspect of the many good habits you need to set now if you wish to succeed in the future.  In next month’s BecomingGlobal, there will be an article on how to set and keep good habits.  Sign up now to get maximum benefit.  It contains wisdom gained from 30 years of work across 4 continents, 17 countries, 8 languages and a lot of very different clients, each of whom has taught me something valuable!