It DOESN’T matter what choice you make – for your studies or your career!

There are probably voices all around you just now, urging you to choose the right subject to study at university, or the right career after you have graduated.  So many people have so many opinions.

These same people are also very keen to make you feel as pressured as possible about the RIGHT choice…  “if you get it wrong now, you are screwed for life”, or “do you see the terrible impact a wrong choice could have on you?”…

So, are they right?

Obviously, if you are pretty sure, and have been sure for a long time, then you may well be able to make a painless decision to work in optical engineering, in a medium-sized company, in Western Europe, for example.

But, if you are hesitating between working in Marketing for a large FMCG company in the UK, and advertising in a radical new startup in India, you may be feeling very worried about the impact of your choices.

Of course, there WILL be an impact – on so many levels!

  • the next job possible after this one
  • your visa/residency/work permit status
  • your enjoyment of your working environment
  • your self-development
  • skills and talent development
  • and many more…

But, does this mean you are stuck “down a rabbit hole”?  Unable to move back towards something else you realise you like better?  I don’t think so, and I am here to tell you that you should not allow your plans to freeze from fear of making a mistake. (Is this FOMAM?)

In the end, even if you make a so-called mistake, you will still learn and develop.  Whatever you learn in that advertising startup will come in useful when you finally do go and get a big, fat corporate marketing job!  The experience, the differing perspective, all will be of value.

So, what are you waiting for?  Maybe a little more support, alongside your big, bold choices? BecomingGlobal will soon be here, pushing you towards the right choices, from age 17 up.  More information coming soon!