Is this confidential information hotter than Trump’s leak to the Russians?

Like him or not, Trump causes sensation, almost every day!  Just this week, with the FBI firing, and the “indiscretion” with Russia, he keeps us distracted, that is for sure!

What kind of secrets is he sharing?  We may never know, but I can share some of my own secrets, gained from coaching and supporting over 1000  young students and graduates like you, if you are willing to listen carefully…

If you want to know how to choose your field of work, you need to do some truly hard work on understanding yourself.  For those of you who have been sure since you were ten that you wanted to be a doctor or a ballet dancer, you can skip this, but the rest of you need it, badly!

Every week a new client comes to me, CERTAIN that s/he wants to work at KPMG or BP or IBM.  And often, in fact, when questioned, it turns out that s/he is expressing someone else’s dream or idea of what a career should look like and the idea secretly makes him/her feel terribly depressed.  Often it is much too late, or at the very least really difficult, to change.

If you do not have a burning certainty about what you want to do, then you need to create that certainty.  “How do I find that?”, you might ask.  Well, you do it by working on understanding yourself better, finding the intersection between your skills, your passion(s) and the market.  To explore, you will need some deep reflexion and self-questioning.  Some find coaching useful in this case, but you need to do it, whatever.

Very soon, you will be able to get the support to achieve this, easily, every single month.  Keep your eyes open, and the solution will soon be here.  But, SSSHHHHH!  Don’t tell Donald!