I’m so excited!

That I just can’t hide it!

That old Pointer Sisters song gets most of us jiggling our dance thing every time.  But today, it is more than usually true for me, because BecomingGlobal launches tomorrow!

I don’t really know whether I am more excited than that little girl in Cambodia, or this boy from Vietnam, but I sure am excited!

From tomorrow, you will be able to register and subscribe for the monthly newsletter that will change your life if you are contemplating either study or work overseas.  It does not matter whether you are Indian, wishing to study in Australia, or Chinese, wanting to work in Singapore.  There will be support for you all, and so many insider tips and tricks that you will be able quickly to improve your position, and become a global citizen faster and more completely.

Please tell your friends and peers!

Please tell your parents!

Please tell ANYONE who you think could benefit from this kind of service!

And watch your screens tomorrow, as we launch!