If you adopt this habit, you will join the elite 5% top earners

Money may not be everything, but it certainly helps!

You want success in your life?  Follow the gurus, those you can observe being successful, and see what habits they have that make a difference.

One thing they all have in common?  They READ!  Voraciously!

It is well documented that a thirst for mastery and knowledge is a key to success.  If you are aiming for this kind of success, you need to get the habit, if you don’t already have it.

I try to read at least 30 books per year about  my subjects (talent, leadership, culture, etc), and others of a “general” nature, which can be fun or stimulating of other ideas.  As a result, I know that my wisdom, knowledge, understanding and abilities are constantly in progress.

What are you reading?

When did you last read a book that you found to be really life-transforming?

Tell me about your experiences in reading, by answering this mail.  I will read them all!

In a forthcoming issue of BecomingGlobal, there will be a list of recommended reading for those who want to succeed in reaching their dreams.