How tomatoes are like graduate jobs

Tomatoes are so scarce in India right now, due to unusually bad weather, that vendors are having to employ armed guards to avoid the tomatoes being stolen! This is a very serious business, and something that comes up every time there is scarcity. We all know the basic argument about supply and demand, but how often do we think of ways to get around the problem?

In many of the job markets you are trying to penetrate, jobs are scarce, due to political or economic uncertainty. Western economies are not growing very fast, indeed some of them are totally stagnant, even shrinking. Plus the fact that there is increasing xenophobia visible in both government policies and general attitudes in society.  Not a pretty picture!

But it is the picture you face, as a student with ambitions to work globally. The reality does not go away, just because we do not like it! What are you going to do to get around the scarcity problem?  Will you find a path of wit and speed, like the tomato thieves who beat the guards?  Will you plan strategically to make the most of the situation?  Will you do this alone?  Or would you be better off with help?


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