How to handle difficult questions – interviews and exams

In France, it is high school exam season.  Despite the fact that it is currently almost 40º here, in my family, daughter 2 and son 1 took their final oral exams at the beginning of the week.  Daughter 2 came out really excited at having done well.  Why was this?

Because she managed to answer a question to which she theoretically had no idea of the answer!

How did she do it?

By using a classic tactic used by all good politicians!

She realised quickly that she knew nothing about the question, so she immediately said “well, I can see a parallel between XXX and this subject, YYY (about which she did know a lot). And she just started talking about YYY.  The examiner loved it, and kept her in the exam for almost twice as long as was planned, clearly enjoying talking to my inventive daughter.

What really went on, and how can this help you in either exams or interviews, in future?

Well, quite simply, she took control of the situation, and provided an alternative, or substitute.  You can do the same – you just have to have the courage to do so!

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