Friends – and how to use them!

You might take a look at this title and think it is not very kind.  But it is certainly meant to be the opposite.  Read on to see what I mean…

I just spent five days with a wonderful old university friend, whom I had seen only for a few hours in total since thirty or so years ago (yes, I am THAT old!).  She had kindly invited me to her holiday home in the South of France, where we spent a few very relaxing days.


While there were children to drive to kayak and river diving sessions, and small ones to supervise in the swimming pool, it never felt like a chore.  I also had quite a lot of my usual work to do while there.  But, what was most wonderful was all the conversations we had, going over old stuff, sharing our current challenges, and reassuring each other of the “rightness” of our attitudes and actions, as well as encouraging a different perspective and change if necessary.  I came back from the time spent with B feeling totally refreshed and inspired, and with a bunch of ideas to put into action over the next weeks and months.  That feeling is, like MasterCard, PRICELESS!

Don’t forget the value of friendships and conversations.  We often get too caught up with the “stuff we have to do” to take the time to exchange, reflect and nurture with a trusted other.  And yet, that can sometimes be the fastest route to radical change and renewed energy.


I am now ready for a great week.  How about you?

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