Do you still want to be using the bank of mom and dad when you are 29?

I coach a lot of young students like you.  More than a thousand of them over the past five years, actually!  And many of them still struggle with finding their way at a late stage.

I support 29 and even 30 year olds, as they anguish over whether to ask mom and dad to finance yet another master’s degree, in yet another subject, in the hope that this time, the degree will lead to a job and a work permit.  By that age, this strategy is almost bound to fail.

Why would it fail?  Simple, really.  The same reason as the last master’s degree failed to deliver the desired outcome.  And the one before… Because they are missing the point!  it is NEVER just about your degree, even if you score 99% in it!

If you don’t take care of all the rest, you will not get the job.  And if you don’t do the part-time or holiday work required by “the rest”, then you will still be totally dependent on mom and dad at an age that most would agree is ridiculous.

Do you want to be banking with mom and dad in five years’ time?  Or would you like to be proudly earning your own money?  You can start earning now – babysitting, teaching English, running errands.  It is not complicated and there are few countries in the world that will stop you from engaging in this sort of enterprise.  Give it a go!  I was funding all my own travel by the age of 16, and paid my own way through university too.  AND… the beauty?  Those jobs I did when I was a youngster counted tremendously in my CV and stories for getting my first graduate job!

Have fun, earn money, and build your future… sound too good to be true?  it’s not! Go babysit or dog walk, right now!

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