Disagreement 101

Many of you come from cultures where you have been educated to be obedient, compliant and avoid disagreements and conflicts.

This may not be quite so simple to use when you come to study or work in other cultures, where we value constructive criticism and “thinking for yourself”.

So, if you want to get it right, wherever you are, then some flexibility will be required, and a new habit learned, to be used in the appropriate context.

Here is a classic video from the “Kid President”, with some top tips for how to disagree. Take a look!

Whatever our background, we can all benefit from being reminded of the points KP makes, and his shots of baby koalas are, indeed, awesome!

What will you say and do, next time you wish to disagree? Maybe you disagree with your teacher’s point of view? Or with me? Or with your mom? Find the way to do this with grace, and you are on a winning strategy.

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