Culture clash and how to handle it…?

I read this article yesterday, from the NY Times, describing how a Chinese company had invested in Ohio, and how the city had been happy to accept the incoming money and boost to the economy, with new jobs, energy and so on.  However, a few months on, they were less happy to find that the corporate culture the company had “brought with it from China” was not in line with local thinking, or regulations.

I intend no judgement of either side, but this is just the kind of ugly, complex situation you risk finding yourself in as “foreign” students and graduates.  You go into a company or situation, where you are initially “valued” for your difference, but after that, it all gets more and more complicated!

How many of you have already experienced this kind of thing?  I certainly have, over my time working in 17 countries and 4 continents, and it surely is not pretty!

There is one way to protect yourself from the worst of this kind of clash, and that is to learn about culture, and how it plays in our lives.  BecomingGlobal can help you do that, with monthly articles on cultural nuances, and all kinds of ideas of how to survive the tensions that differing cultures inevitably cause…  Sign up now for free daily information, and consider the monthly premium issue, if you want the full wisdom on how to survive and thrive across cultures!