Coaching Globally

images-4Cultural intelligence is a crucial factor in your performance, and everything you decide to undertake will be underpinned by the way you express it, via words, body language, context and more.  You are probably unaware of some of the mistakes and misfits that you are committing, but we can work on that…  Whatever your situation, we can identify the strategy to use to improve your performance, and then build it in as a habit.

I am one of those lucky people who grew up speaking several languages.  My mother was kind enough to speak to me in French from my very early days, and my father’s family has Spanish roots and links, so I spent summer holidays with my numerous and wonderful cousins in Spain!  All of this, while living in the US or the UK

Global business is an inevitable thing today, and you need to be able to navigate the challenges of working with a customer service team in Cebu, as much as you need to collaborate with your Polish colleagues in London.  How you develop yourself in your organisation is crucial, and we will work to shape the way you improve yourself so as to make your audience as receptive as possible to you and all your brilliant wonders, wherever you are, and whatever your situation!