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How cool is this?

Take a look at this creativity!  How utterly amazing!  And all for an airline safety video….

How would you like to work in a company where such creativity was commonplace?  It exists… but you need to start searching, perhaps not in the most conventional ways.

Perhaps you can search the web for the most creative advertising campaigns of this year?  Or indeed the most innovative inventions.  There are so many ways to identify creativity, and to track it down in your potential place of work.

If creativity is important to you, then get searching.. you never know what you might find!


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What is wrong with listing countries I travelled to on my CV?

I see a lot of resumés in my work as a career coach.

I saw a lot of resumés in my old work as a Managing Director at Louis Vuitton, and at the Swire Group.

I have never been impressed by lists of countries visited, even if the number is 147.


Because it is not just about the numbers!

You can travel smartly, with an open mind, curious eyes and ears, or you can just follow the guide, or stay in your 5 star resort.

If you do not do the former, then “travel” does not count in your resumé!

Just as simply writing “travel” in your “interests” section on your resumé is not enough, either.


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If you don’t read this book, you will never learn to network properly

Some of my friends call it “The Orange Bible”.  My children call it “that book you always bang on about”.  I call it the best book you will ever read!

Don’t get me wrong – I love my classics: Jane Austen, Shakespeare, the Brontes, and so on, but this book will change the way you see all your relationships.  And if you don’t, you will miss the opportunity to build your connections in a way that ensures your future.

What is this magic tome, you might ask?

It is called “Never Eat Alone”, by the genius Keith Ferrazzi.

His argument is that every single person you meet, in whatever context, is a potentially useful and valuable link, to be treasured and “fed” with kindness and generosity.

Eventually, according to Ferrazzi, and absolutely in my experience, this kindness and generosity will come back to you, but not necessarily in the quantities or directions you expect…

If you want to buy it, just click to get it here on AMAZON..

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What powerful question will you ask today?

So, when did you last ask an interviewer a GREAT question?

The interview process is a match of equals, whatever you think…  As human beings, you are equals.  Your levels of experience may be different, but in the process of recruitment, and interview, you have as much right as the interviewer to ask questions and test the company, college, institution out for fit.

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Do you want to be an a..hole?

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Maybe you have grand plans for transforming this or that industry.

Perhaps you think you have an idea that will be the most profitable or exciting ever.

Does it give you the right to behave badly?

Recent examples at Uber show us how long an aggressive, unpleasant environment can be allowed to reign, until one whistleblower can take it no more.  And don’t forget, however much you might love your iPhone, Steve Jobs was not really a tender character either…

Take a look at this article, which goes into this a little more… and have a think about whether you want to federate people around you with energy and kindness..  Or whether you wish to bash them into believing your amazing ideas without the option to speak up.

And, of course, you may well wish to get some hints about how to be a great global leader, without necessarily alienating all your people? You can do that at BecomingGlobal!

What to do if your Netflix connection is down…

If you cannot watch that latest episode of Breaking Bad or Big Bang Theory, what are you going to do?

Of course, you could channel hop aimlessly through Netflix or any other TV or streaming app. That is what the average young person would do…

But do you want to be average, and join the masses who do not make it through the statistics to the top?

Obviously, you deserve some restful downtime, we all do.  I am as happy as you are to collapse in front of a series or movie after a long hard day.

But, is Breaking Bad going to be the best thing for you to be consuming? Is it teaching you the kind of life lessons you would really need as a future leader?

What alternatives might be good for your future?

Reading – obviously, not as immediately exciting as a fast-moving TV series, but how wonderful might it be to get lost in the pages of a classic, like To Kill a Mockingbird, or Wuthering Heights?  You may think, yeah, yeah, I had to read that in middle school, but nothing beats a return to these time-tested tomes when you are a bit older and more mature.  Not to mention that if you are going to work in Anglo-Saxon countries, you are going to need to have these as conversational points of reference, like it or not!

Online Course – platforms like Coursera are amazingly rich in content, and the courses are free! I just signed myself and my sixteen year old son up for a course on the Blockchain, so that we can better understand the Bitcoin, and maybe make millions in the coming years!  Take a look and see what might spark your interest.  Remember, it does not have to be super academic, but finding a new passion and learning about it is so much fun!

Paint, colour, sing, play an instrument, draw, write or dream.  Studies show that any creative activity will be developing more neurones for you to use and enjoy in future.  Let it flow!

Watch TED and other educational channels.  I can guarantee that some of these talks truly ARE as exciting as Breaking Bad!  Take a look at this one, for example

And when Netflix comes back on, then, go ahead and enjoy that BB episode, but come back to the other stuff too, and you will create the kind of balance that your future professors and employers will be hoping for!

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How to help your peers

But wait, you say, I don’t want to help them.  They are my competition!

You are missing the point in so many ways.  And if you miss the  point, you miss out!

First of all, usually recruiters, whether for companies or universities, are much more focused on  your package of talents and abilities than they are on how you “compare” to the others.

And next, what is crucial here is that if you were to volunteer to help your less fortunate peers, perhaps you would gain a lot of new things, like:

  • confidence
  • empathy
  • collaboration
  • generosity
  • new perspectives
  • and so on…

Take a look at this video, all the way through, and see what you think!

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