Cactus – to be or not to be?

Yesterday, I took a friend to IKEA!  Not really my favourite activity, but I owed her a favour, and life is made up of give and take (more on the art of friends and networks in a future issue!).  While there, although we had gone to buy an office chair and some new plates, we were attracted by the lovely collection of cacti they were selling, and it made me think about defences, like the thorns…

If you live your life focused only on your study or your work, and you push others away with your own “thorns”, you are unlikely to succeed.  Planting your social garden with a rich variety of people, and tending to and watering them carefully and with love is much more likely to give you both personal and professional satisfaction.

It is NEVER too early to start thinking this way, however much homework you have to do!  I know  that the demands of high school can be mind-numbing in their volume, but if all you ever do is get A’s, you will nevertheless fail in “life”.

Try to nurture and water the relationships all around you!  Chat to that lonely old lady who buys her bread at the same bakery as you.  Stop and help the mother trying to cross the road with three small children in tow.  And offer to visit a friend, or a friend of a friend when they are sick. You can be guaranteed to enrich your own life, learn a thing or two, and you might even discover that that old lady’s daughter is the CEO of the company you hope to work for!

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And thank you to my friend, Celine, for being a friend and offering me the opportunity to think about this!