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Which is the BEST consulting firm to work for?

For those of you who dream of working for a prestigious consulting firm, it is time to start transforming the dream into reality.  But where do you start?  Well, probably by trying to figure out what each of those top firms is really like, and why they enjoy the reputation they do.

Here is a recent, excellent article, which examines this question, taking data from a big annual survey.  Enjoy!

Best Consulting Firms To Work For In 2018

What choices you make and how to pursue the golden dream are aspects you can get help with from BecomingGlobal, or indeed from some of the career coaching services I offer.  Get in touch if you wish to know more.

Meantime, I wish you a beautiful and happy weekend!

Values – if you can’t express them, you won’t get a job!

Many candidates for graduate jobs believe that if they can answer all the competency and motivation questions properly (having practiced and practiced, according to the research they did!), they will pass their job interview… WRONG!

Companies are looking for more than parrots, who can recite stuff they have learned and polished, based on their diligent research.  That was something you learned to do when you were 10 or 11, and they kind of assume you already have that.

No, they are also looking for you to have an opinion, some values and a way to express those that show you are the unique, precious, gem that they are looking for.

Over the years, many of my clients in this situation have said to me “but I don’t really know what I believe in, or how I feel about X or Y”.  Well, it is time to start working on this, however painful.  BUT, it can also be a lot of fun.

What ARE your values? What do you think about the big stuff: why are we here? is there a god? do we all exist to succeed?  And what about the smaller stuff: do you love people’s company or are you more of a solitude-driven person how about precision or punctuality? do you really like that same dish you have been ordering in restaurants with your friends, or would you love to try something completely different?  These are ALL values that you can think about and shape to fit your own heart, brain and soul.

I recently found this list of 400 values, which might help you to find some that “resonate” with you.  Have a think and see what comes up.  There is also a link in this to a great article on “living your values”.

I hope you enjoy the trip!  If you don’t take it, you won’t truly have lived!

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Why a slowdown could cause a speed-up in your success

Sometimes changing your rhythm can be of help in creating success.  This is as true practically as romantically as professionally.  Just ask any expert!

Over the next two months, you are going to see fewer posts on BecomingGlobal, as I gear up for the publication of my book, DISRUPT YOUR CAREER – how to navigate uncharted career transitions and thrive.

I do this for the sake of my sanity, first and foremost, and quite selfishly, but, I think it can help you too!

Firstly, if you are currently about to start a new school year, you need time to work on that.  If you are just starting on your job search, you need space to think about that.  And both time and space come for new ideas when you give yourself physically more space.



So, as a starter, here is an article about the new book, that was recently published on INSEAD Knowledge.  I hope you enjoy it.

See you in a few days’ time for more on careers.

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moving mountains!

The person who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones

What does this make you think about?  Quite a few of you will recognise this Chinese proverb, and I think it is interesting to reflect on this as summer starts to draw to an end.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I still intend to go to the beach a lot this summer!  But I am also beginning to plan the autumn – that special time when we can feel inspired to make great changes.  Going back to school.  Looking for the perfect graduate job.  These start at this time of year, and we need to get it right!

Tell me what you will be doing to start carrying those stones!

I, for one, will be continuing to do more unplugging of my devices, eating more carefully, and enjoying more time with my family.

I will also be making a speaking tour of schools in China, and giving a series of classes and workshops in Singapore.  My book will be published, and I will be planning to attend an extraordinary conference for women in India, and an amazing event about education in Portugal.

What are you going to do to make sure that your life is as interesting for you as mine is for me when you are my age?

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what makes great customer service? and why is this important to you?

Whatever career you end up in, you will have clients of some kind. They may be consumers, if you work in a company that makes chocolate, or they may be other businesses, if you work in a company that sells services. Indeed your clients might be internal if you are working in HR, Operations or IT. But we all need to consider how we can do our best for that client, if we want to have a job next year still!

What does great service look like to you?  In Japan, the salesperson will tend to kneel down in front of you out of respect.  In the US, hamburgers are delivered in less than two minutes, with a guarantee of not paying if this is not achieved. In some of France’s most luxurious fashion boutiques, the sometimes unsmiling “discreet” service does not suit everybody.

It is a matter of taste, but this is no reason for ignoring other people’s taste!

Indeed, it is crucial to try to understand the needs and tastes of whomever you are serving. If you fail to do this, you will eventually lose their business to someone who takes more trouble than you to do so.

Is this important to you in your search for an international career? You bet it is! Because if you have not already found a holiday or part-time job in which you are learning how to give good service, then it is time you did. And if you have experience of the world of work, then you will have great stories to tell your college or graduate job recruiter.

Tell me more about what you have experienced!  Write to me and give me the lowdown on how you rated the service at different stores and places you have been. I read every answer!

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Disagreement 101

Many of you come from cultures where you have been educated to be obedient, compliant and avoid disagreements and conflicts.

This may not be quite so simple to use when you come to study or work in other cultures, where we value constructive criticism and “thinking for yourself”.

So, if you want to get it right, wherever you are, then some flexibility will be required, and a new habit learned, to be used in the appropriate context.

Here is a classic video from the “Kid President”, with some top tips for how to disagree. Take a look!

Whatever our background, we can all benefit from being reminded of the points KP makes, and his shots of baby koalas are, indeed, awesome!

What will you say and do, next time you wish to disagree? Maybe you disagree with your teacher’s point of view? Or with me? Or with your mom? Find the way to do this with grace, and you are on a winning strategy.

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5 amazing lessons from being unplugged

We all KNOW we should spend less time on our phones, iPads and computers, don’t we?

But what happens when we actually do disconnect?



Recently an experiment was done, taking 35 CEO’s and influencers into the desert for four days, with no devices to connect to the internet, and the results were astounding…

Better Posture, Deeper Friendships
People’s posture noticeably changed. They started to look outward into other people’s eyes, instead of down into their screens. This had the effect of opening up their posture, creating more energy, and even encouraged deeper connections between them.

Google Is A Conversation Killer
The ability to use Google to find the answer to a question in conversation leads us frequently to joke “whatever did we use to do before we had Google?”  However, is it really a great solution?  In the unplugged desert, conversations continued, looking for answers together, telling stories, comparing experiences, and finding commonality, inside jokes and more.  The insight into the way the others’ minds worked was tremendous, engaging and memorable.

Enhanced Memory
Even with just a few days unplugged, memory of small details was improved, and the scientists believe this is because the individuals were more present and engaged in their conversations than they could have been with digital distractions present.  These small details are crucial in the process of bonding and learning about other people, and something not to be lost, if possible.

Better Quality Sleep
The lack of blue light, as well as the stress of checking email up till bedtime, seems to have contributed to shorter, but more restful sleep during the desert detox. Feeling rested and rejuvenated was commonly reported.

New Perspectives
One impressive finding was that people tended to make deep change when they were offline for a while.  Significant decisions were taken, whether about career, fitness, relationships or lifestyle, the lack of constant distraction seemed to enable big plans for action.

Will you give this a try in your life?  What could the benefits be?  You might like to know that today, as you receive this, I am detoxing digitally, while on holiday with my family.  No email checking for me, for 15 days, apart from half an hour, once a day.  I will tell you more about how it went when I am back!

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The art of persistence… and how it is linked to KAWAII…

The Japanese economy may not be what it once was, but the allure of intricate arts and crafts in this enigmatic country has shown no signs of slowing down. The respect shown to the artisans, who train for long years so as to be able to create the sushi, the textiles, pottery and more that we can admire in craft shops (and restaurants!) the world over, knows no limits in Japan.

Take a look at this video of the incredible creations of one such artisan:

Sushi chefs train for 10 years, and Haruki Nakamura takes months on end to create a new penguin bomb or wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Do you have what it takes to persist this much? How would your world look if you persisted a little more?

If these cute, astonishing “kawaii” little creatures inspire you, then take that inspiration and run with it!  You may just reach your goals more enjoyably, and more successfully.

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How cool is this?

Take a look at this creativity!  How utterly amazing!  And all for an airline safety video….

How would you like to work in a company where such creativity was commonplace?  It exists… but you need to start searching, perhaps not in the most conventional ways.

Perhaps you can search the web for the most creative advertising campaigns of this year?  Or indeed the most innovative inventions.  There are so many ways to identify creativity, and to track it down in your potential place of work.

If creativity is important to you, then get searching.. you never know what you might find!


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Messy or Tidy? And does it matter?

Were you the one with the messy desk in your class?

Or the one who was so tidy others found it scary?

And does it matter?



Einstein famously had a very messy desk indeed, and he was pretty successful.

In fact, when told that a “messy desk equals a messy mind”, he replied, “well, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”


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