All polished and ready to go!

All polished and ready to go!

I have had the good fortune to meet and help over one thousand young graduates like you.  They came seeking clarity, support through difficult change.  They wanted attention paid to them as professionals, but also as human beings!  It is easy to lose the plot when you are stuck in a big project at work, or in a struggle for visibility, or even just wondering if you have made the right choices…

If you work with me, you will feel as good as these people, or maybe even better:

SISI: “BDO’s offer came at last. Accenture rejected me, but it is ok, I will work towards a higher goal. Also after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I think I may be more interested in investment now.

For the past few months, I have thought many times how I would write you my “thank you” email.  But when I come to write it, all the thoughts have disappeared: I feel like I don’t know any language that can express my gratefulness to you.  Your guidance is definitely worth a lot more than all my salary, and it is not exaggerating to say that you have changed my life.”

“It is sad that our sessions have now come to an end, and you cannot imagine how I love your always positive and beautiful voice.  I want you to know that you have been like a family member to me, and I have gained more support from you than from anyone else I know.”

RINA: ” Thanks for challenging me and helping me to see that I had been making career choices for my parents rather than for myself.  With your help, I am now in the final stages of an application process for a management role in a dance company.  Without you, I would never have had the courage to leave Unilever.”

JAKE: “I’m grateful for all the coaching I did with you!  It really helps me to realise my potential and enabled me to expand my knowledge and skills in various ways. Thank you so much for all the help and support that you provide me all the way through. Now I feel really excited about it and looking forward to start my journey soon.”