BecomingGlobal – it’s tough!

 In the UK, graduate schemes typically receive 75 applicants per place available.  In the US, according to a study by Forbes, 60% of graduates fail to find a job in their field.  Needing a work permit will limit your choice even further, so you will need  nerves of steel to find work in your chosen country!

Over 200 graduate employers surveyed overwhelmingly wanted candidates who are team players, problem solvers and who can plan, organize and prioritize their work. Technical and academic know-how placed much lower.  Interests, passions, volunteering, early part-time and holiday work experience, sport and the arts are all cited as being necessary for true professional success, regardless of your grades.  And yet, millions of families continue to push the “all work, no play” approach, to disastrous effect.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.18.48Do you have what it takes?  Are you really conscious of who you are and what your dreams are?  Is your activity varied and full of passion?

If you have NO doubts at all about your ability to ace all your career planning, job interviews and negotiations, then stop reading now.  If, however, you think you might need some help, some true, insider help, based on over 1000 young graduates coached towards a happy and fulfilling career, then BecomingGlobal is for you!