Early years career success

Break outYou might be worried about:

  • Your search for a first graduate program
  • Negotiating a salary rise
  • Creating an opportunity for promotion
  • Getting on better with your colleagues
  • Understanding the “unwritten” expectations
  • Becoming known as an expert in “..”
  • Where your next move might be
  • Starting your own company
  • Returning to your home country

Getting a first graduate job is not that difficult, once you look back at it: if you were technically skilled, and not TOO bad socially, you probably got the contract, but now, you need to survive and thrive.  You want to make friends and be comfortable.  You hope to be valued and see your own skills become prized in the outside world too…

I have coached and advised over 1000 early years professionals, not only INTO their first jobs, but BEYOND; toward success and satisfaction via promotion, extension of responsibility, entrepreneurship and more.  My approach is no-nonsense, fun and result-focused.

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