6 reasons NOT to go to university at all

This is a time of year when many of you are struggling over what to study, where, and whether it is the right choice for you.

Without knowing you individually, I cannot comment on your precise choice, though of course, I can help you with that if you so choose.  Get in touch here if you do want that kind of support…

Here are some things to bear in mind, as you make your choice.  There is more than one way to kill a cat, as they say!

1 – If you don’t go to university, you will be able to start working earlier.  This may sound kind of obvious, but not all career paths require study up front, especially if you are contemplating working in an area  in which you are already technically sharp.  For instance, if you have been learning coding since you were 12, you may be able to start straight away!  If you are a master baker and you want to start a cupcake shop, you may not need a degree to achieve this.

2 – if you do not have a strong feeling about the area in which you want to study.  This is more common than you might believe.  It may seem that all your friends have certainty about what they want to study and why, but scratch beneath the surface a bit, and I can guarantee that many of them have just signed up because that is what everybody else is doing.  What would it cost you to choose a subject that you found you hated?  How much time would you waste discovering that medicine is not for you?

3 – if you have a clear plan for a business or a volunteer activity, that you truly believe you can manage without university study.  After all, fees are huge.  The debt you will accumulate may be enormous.  If you can test your ideas with a few friendly experts, you may find you can go straight into them rather than doing class for three or four years

4 – if you suspect that your vocation lies in a field where apprenticeship or other types of more practical study would be a more reasonable way of learning.  Be wary of intellectual snobbery in this area, and get all the facts before embarking on a university course that may be no more valuable than anything else

5 – if you realise that your learning style just may not be suited to hours and hours in a lecture theatre.  Many of you my be more apt in learning from a “master”, or by online classes, from books or whatever.  All types of learning styles exist, and you need to think of this before you decide where and how

6 – if you have a passion for something that needs a different route.  Maybe you know that you want to speak five languages before you are 25.  You can go study them in university, or you can find a way to be working and living in the countries concerned…  think it over and get creative!

More on this subject over the coming months in BecomingGlobal!

Meantime, please write in and tell my what you want to study and why?  Or indeed, why you are NOT going to be studying next year!