5 amazing lessons from being unplugged

We all KNOW we should spend less time on our phones, iPads and computers, don’t we?

But what happens when we actually do disconnect?



Recently an experiment was done, taking 35 CEO’s and influencers into the desert for four days, with no devices to connect to the internet, and the results were astounding…

Better Posture, Deeper Friendships
People’s posture noticeably changed. They started to look outward into other people’s eyes, instead of down into their screens. This had the effect of opening up their posture, creating more energy, and even encouraged deeper connections between them.

Google Is A Conversation Killer
The ability to use Google to find the answer to a question in conversation leads us frequently to joke “whatever did we use to do before we had Google?”  However, is it really a great solution?  In the unplugged desert, conversations continued, looking for answers together, telling stories, comparing experiences, and finding commonality, inside jokes and more.  The insight into the way the others’ minds worked was tremendous, engaging and memorable.

Enhanced Memory
Even with just a few days unplugged, memory of small details was improved, and the scientists believe this is because the individuals were more present and engaged in their conversations than they could have been with digital distractions present.  These small details are crucial in the process of bonding and learning about other people, and something not to be lost, if possible.

Better Quality Sleep
The lack of blue light, as well as the stress of checking email up till bedtime, seems to have contributed to shorter, but more restful sleep during the desert detox. Feeling rested and rejuvenated was commonly reported.

New Perspectives
One impressive finding was that people tended to make deep change when they were offline for a while.  Significant decisions were taken, whether about career, fitness, relationships or lifestyle, the lack of constant distraction seemed to enable big plans for action.

Will you give this a try in your life?  What could the benefits be?  You might like to know that today, as you receive this, I am detoxing digitally, while on holiday with my family.  No email checking for me, for 15 days, apart from half an hour, once a day.  I will tell you more about how it went when I am back!

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