From a grain of sand to a beautiful, brilliant pearl of wisdom

still finding the courage…

After 30 years of running and advising global businesses, I can safely say that my major focus has always been talent development, and bringing out the very best in everyone.  I aim to make your  job easier by giving you the courage to find your inner brilliance.

My offer to you is to challenge you towards the strengths needed to reach the joyful, peak performance you have been looking for.


all polished and ready for brilliance!

all polished and ready for brilliance!

I “get” your environment – I have been a CEO, a strategy consultant, a headhunter, a startup and small business manager; I have worked in China, India, Italy, Brazil, France, USA and more. If you work with me, you will learn to reflect on what you are doing well, and what still needs a good polish.  I am kind, but challenging, and together we will make a brilliant pearl of you!

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